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"cab" Selects Signal Towers from WERMA

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  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
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  • Equipment & Machinery
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  • Discrete Manufacturing
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  • Process Control & Optimization
The Customer
About The Customer
The development, design manufacture and sales of labelling systems are at the heart of the family run business cab. cab offers a range of solutions from label printing, automated labeling and laser marking for all types of product packaging operations.
The Challenge
Clearly identifiable labelling and product marking is an essential part of any business whether it is on individual components, finished products or packaging. Europe's largest manufacturer of labelling and printing machines, supports its reputation for innovation, reliability and durability by the careful selection of essential bought in components for its own operation. This is why cab selected the new innovative modular signal tower series KombiSIGN 40 from WERMA.
The Solution
In order to safeguard the integrity of the process it is essential that the operator can see the status of the printer at all times. For this reason cab has selected WERMA signal towers which show clearly the status in addition to whatever may be shown on the machine display. The operator can see the status of the printer from a distance and the moment he sees any light other than “green” he knows to spring into action promptly to activate a back-up system, resolve the problem and keep the downtime to a minimum.
Operational Impact
  • [Management Effectiveness - Operation Transparency]
    The integration of Werma's KombiSIGN 40 signal tower into cab's labelling equipment gives end users greater visibility into the status of their operations. They are also better able to safeguard the integrity of their processes.
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Installation]
    KombiSIGN 40 has also been designed to make installation as simple as possible. Incorrect assembly is made impossible using Poka Yoke methods. The terminals are clearly marked and the intuitive haptic feel to assembling the units makes the job easy, even in restricted installation spaces.

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