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Remote HVAC Control System (SALUS Controls)

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 Remote HVAC Control System (SALUS Controls) - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • Networks & Connectivity - Gateways
The Customer
SALUS Controls PLC
About The Customer
SALUS Controls PLC is a major European manufacturer of controls and receivers, including home thermostats. The company recently launched the iT500, an innovative new thermostat that can be operated and managed remotely through a smartphone app. Providing
The Challenge

In Europe, most homes are heated via hot water radiators, not HVAC systems as is popular in the United States. Current European heating systems suffer from two shortcomings; wiring the thermostat to the water source, and limited Wi-Fi range in older homes.

The Solution

To overcome these issues, SALUS partnered with Arrayent to use the Arrayent Connect Platform to create a more usable and accommodating thermostat system. At the heart of the SALUS iT500 is the Arrayent Connect 868 MHz Wireless Protocol, which powers the wireless communications between gateway and thermostat. It is energy-efficient and operates through Wi-Fi at long-range, which enables SALUS to support wireless communications to the iT500 thermostat.

Data Collected
Connectivity Status, HVAC ( heating, ventilation, air conditioning), Temperature
Operational Impact
  • [Process Optimization - Remote Control]
    Homeowners don’t need to use the physical thermostat to control the temperature. The iT500 allows them to control their heating system from anywhere in the world through the SALUS iT500 smartphone app

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