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Remote Sensor Monitoring & Fleet Tracking for Industrial Vehicles

Remote Sensor Monitoring & Fleet Tracking for Industrial Vehicles - Valarm Industrial IoT Case Study
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Fleet Management
• To implement fleet tracking with industrial equipment and sensors

How will you know when a pump on any of your trucks is on or off? Or how many RPMs your mobile pumps are running at? If you’ve got vacuums and/or tanks on your trucks then you want to know what the current status is, how they’ve been used, whether or not they’re due for maintenance, and other information available using Industrial IoT Sensor Solutions with
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Some examples our customers use:

• PWM sensor adapter for monitoring flowmeters and fluid flow rates
• Knob sensor for monitoring switches and when industrial equipment like heavy duty vacuums are turned on or off
• 4-20mA sensor adapter to monitor specific gases like H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs
4-20mA sensor adapter to monitor fluid, water, and liquid levels in tanks

The key component in every box on each vehicle, truck, and trailer is the GSM Sensor Hub. Industrial equipment is monitored by the sensors in the box, like the GPS and 4-20mA sensor adapter, which connect to a GSM sensor hub that sends all of the GPS-tagged sensor data to Valarm Tools Cloud.

The vehicle information is uploaded in real-time as often as you need it. And you can easily change how often the fleet vehicles report at any time on You can use Time at Threshold Totalizers to know how much time equipment has been turned on and in use. For example, exactly how many hours has 1 of your pumps or vacuums run in the last week? There are also Totalizers for keeping track of exactly how much fluid or water has been pumped with your flowmeters and assets.
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