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Reshaping the Shipping Industry

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Reshaping the Shipping Industry - ionSign Oy Industrial IoT Case Study
Logistics & Transportation
Track & Trace of Assets

Loading of containers on to the deck of a container ship lacks correct data of container weight. This causes less than optimum load balance, risk of containers breaking loose and dropping to the sea, even capsizing. Further, the full capacity of the vessel can't be utilized with unreliable load weight data.

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MacGregor, marine cargo engineering company, part of Cargotec.
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The solution details are still confidential. It includes detecting cargo weight while loading and on the sea and bringing the data to the captain for making informed decisions on loading and maneuvering at the sea.

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Accuracy, Asset Utilization, Capacity Utilization, Weight
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[Efficiency Improvement - Asset Utilization]
Better utilization of vessel capacity
[Efficiency Improvement - Asset Security]
Less risk of losing cargo or even the vessel, due to unbalanced cargo
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