Xerafy Case Studies RFID Cuts Asset Tracking Time by 70 percent at Nuclear Power Plant
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RFID Cuts Asset Tracking Time by 70 percent at Nuclear Power Plant

RFID Cuts Asset Tracking Time by 70 percent at Nuclear Power Plant - Xerafy Industrial IoT Case Study
Functional Applications - Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM)
Networks & Connectivity - RFID
Networks & Connectivity - Wireless Local Area Network
Sensors - Level Sensors
Sensors - RFID Readers
Renewable Energy
Logistics & Transportation
Track & Trace of Assets

In the CNPE power plant there are numerous large, portable metal containers that house sensitive equipment and have to be subject to regular internal and regulatory inspections for safety and security. As a result, a facility operator has the challenging task of keeping track of the movement of these containers at all times.

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Nuclear power plant in Fessenheim, Alsace France.
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Centre Nucléaire de Production d’Electricité
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CNPE integrated RFID readers and Xerafy MicroX II tags to identify and audit storage containers, record all movements and locations, provide picking and putaway instructions to workers over a wireless LAN connection. management, tracking and reporting processes.

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Asset Location, Equipment Status, Fill Levels Of Containers, RFID , Tracking Of Assets
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[Data Management - Data Collection]
The system was able to collect location and status data for reports and regulatory filings and support materials management and maintenance operations.
[Efficiency Improvement - Productivity]
In the process of automating manual processes in the energy industry, that CNPE is in, safety and productivity are inevitably improved.
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Xerafy's RFID tags along with the Nexess RFID integrator system have aided in the development of specific processes at the CNPE plant such as asset management, tool tracking, foreign material exclusion, inspection automation, compliance support and more.

Reduce the time spent looking for containers by 70%

Reduce the time needed to prepare regulatory filings by 80%

Improve forklift driver productivity by 60% and improve storage space efficiency by 50%

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