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River Rock Casino’s Surveillance

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 River Rock Casino’s Surveillance - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • Sensors - Camera / Video Systems
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  • Business Operation
Use Cases
  • Perimeter Security & Access Control
The Customer
River Rock Casino
About The Customer
River Rock is the first resort-style casino to be built in Western Canada, and is one of the newest resort and casino combinations in the Great Canadian family, which includes seven casinos and one horseracing track. River Rock features 1,000 slot machine
The Challenge

Doug Gilroy and Mark Bayrock of Advanced Audio Concepts, a Vancouver-based systems integrator, were given free reign to design, install and operate River Rock's complex surveillance system. Gilroy had freedom to design the system with several unique aspects, such as the use of video balun technology to integrate quickly, and an innovative design in the tech room that makes it easier for the operator to spot problems. The integrators also had a long-standing relationship with Honeywell and chose to use Honeywell products almost exclusively throughout the installation.

The Solution

Using a mix of Honeywell products, from the DVR (digital video recorder) and matrix switcher, to the hard drives and software, to the panels and the cameras, Gilroy and Bayrock constructed a security system that's second to none. Gilroy, Bayrock and their team of 10 had 30 days to integrate 600 cameras. To help speed up the installation process, they had the equipment preconfigured, pre-racked and pre-cabled in an offsite facility. The River Rock facility was originally constructed for 1,100 cameras, but Gilroy and Bayrock wired it for 2,500 cameras, leaving room for expansion.

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