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SCADA Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment

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 SCADA Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment - IoT ONE Case Study
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About The Customer
A U.S. power company
The Challenge

A U.S. power company employed regularly-recurring audits of various controls, systems and programs. However, when it came to a SCADA-based cyber security vulnerability assessment, the in-house audit team did not possess the specific combination of process control experience and cyber security risks. They realized they required a third-party expert with a unique combination of knowledge of the two worlds.

The Solution

The Honeywell Cyber Security team possessed the experience and expertise that the power company required to review their SCADA system. A collaborative review of the power company’s process control systems and SCADA risk assessment was performed. During the risk assessment process, high-level risks were identified. This information was used to estimate, prioritize and coordinate ongoing risk-mitigation activities. Software Components - The Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment (CSVA) - Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Solutions

Data Collected
Operational Impact
  • [Data Management - Cyber Security]
    CSVA allows the companies to see their true cyber security risks, and prioritize the tasks they need to execute.
  • [Data Management - Data Security]
    CSVA enables the power company to minimize vulnerability to cyber events.
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
    Recovery time of an incident are shortened and system performance is improved by CSVA.

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