Case Studies Smart Transportation at Boyaca using Carriots

Smart Transportation at Boyaca using Carriots

Smart Transportation at Boyaca using Carriots -  Industrial IoT Case Study
Networks & Connectivity - RFID
Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Data Management Platforms
Sensors - RFID Readers
Logistics & Transportation
Fleet Management

The fulfillment of time schedules in each node is a key element of the Quality of Service and late delivery results in significant extra costs (second deliveries). Boyacá did not know the real time at which deliveries took place, they just had what was reported by the receiver and the carrier, and both were not necessarily coincident. To receive and handle this inaccurate information, they had in addition to make phone calls. When deliveries were done out of time, the company had no control over the point at which the delay had taken place and therefore could not manage to improve accuracy. In addition, the clients were unsatisfied and complained as they also lost sales due to late deliveries. The company needed to have direct real-time information of arrival and departure times at each one of the hubs of the distribution chain to control costs with the lowest possible investment in spite of the large number of vehicles involved (several hundred).

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Boyacá has been handling the daily delivery of newspapers and magazines in Spain for more than 35 years. Its team is composed of more than 3.600 people with 63 logistics platforms that provide 24x7 services and deliver daily to more than 25.000 poi
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Installing a GPS locator to each of the several hundred vehicles is unaffordable, and geolocalising them by their mobile phone is inaccurate and relies on their phone model and mobile operator. A hundred RFID card readers with a SIM Card to send the collected data and a few thousand RFID cards make an industrial low-cost solution. The installation of an RFID clock in each of the nodes plus a personal RFID card to each driver is an optimal solution to collect the information and integrate it in the client's own SQL Database using Carriots Platform at the lowest cost. The exact arrival and departure time in each node - and by difference the delivery time needed - is received and stored in real time. A control panel interface (extranet) is also available via web to access the information at any time and to manage users, devices and profiles. It also allows the creation of reports with current and aggregated data and handling the settings of the data exportation (connector) to the client's database.

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Arrival Time, Departure Time, Device Status, RFID
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[Data Management - Data Accuracy]
An unique source of accurate information that is received instantaneously.
[Efficiency Improvement - Labor]
Automatization of a process that involved hours of work from people on both the Boyaca's central offices and the distribution nodes.
[Data Management - Data Transparency]
Information and incidence management are made easy. Historical data can also be analyzed at any moment.
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