Vodafone Case Studies Somfy Evolves Home Automation with Vodafone IoT
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Somfy Evolves Home Automation with Vodafone IoT

Somfy Evolves Home Automation with Vodafone IoT - Vodafone Industrial IoT Case Study
Networks & Connectivity - Routers & Bridges
Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Connectivity Platforms

TaHoma® is a wireless, multi-protocol service with a single intuitive interface which brings together all the devices installed in a house and allows users to control them from a smartphone, tablet or computer. For many residences, Internet access using fibre or digital subscriber line (DSL) infrastructure may be not be available due to location, or simply not installed due to second and third homes not being occupied for a large part of the year.

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Somfy is a French multinational company which has led Spain’s smart home market for over 30 years and is committed to bringing the digital revolution into homes in more than 60 countries.
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The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform overcomes these coverage problems by providing reliable and consistent connectivity. Vodafone provides a small pre-configured router exclusively for Somfy which is automatically activated and connected to Internet roaming, allowing the home to be controlled from any location, especially in second homes where remote control is an added value.

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Alarms For Automated Applications, Asset Location, Connectivity Status, Control System Alert, Number Of Connected Devices
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[Efficiency Improvement - Deployment]
Simple plug-and-play solution, automatic and pre-configured connectivity. Simplicity of relationship and management with Vodafone IoT.
[Process Optimization - Real Time Alerts]
Generation of alerts activated by sensors and programmable events, enabling the prevention of damage and early decision-making
[Data Management - Connectivity Stability]
Full coverage thanks to Vodafone’s network and its managed connectivity service
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