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Supermarket Energy Savings

Supermarket Energy Savings -  Industrial IoT Case Study
Sensors - Utility Meters
Business Operation
Building Energy Management

The client had previously deployed a one-meter-per-store monitoring program. Given the manner in which energy consumption changes with external temperature, hour of the day, day of week and month of year, a single meter solution lacked the ability to detect the difference between a true problem and a changing store environment. Most importantly, a single meter solution could never identify root cause of energy consumption changes. This approach never reduced the number of truck-rolls or man-hours required to find and resolve issues.

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A leading regional supermarket chain with more than 800 stores located across the Northeastern US. This customer has progressive targets in place which include both energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. This customer is a strong believer in
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The client deployed OutSmart’s wire-level monitoring and analytics program to gain comprehensive visibility into their stores’ energy consumption patterns With the OutSmart system they pinpointed the exact: -Location of the problem. -Time the problem occurred. -Cost of the problem condition.

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Customer Satisfaction Score, Dwell Times/Locations, Energy Consumption Rate, Temperature
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[Cost Reduction - Energy]
The aggregate annual savings potential represented by this data was over 300% of the client’s target for the OutSmart program, and the program demonstrated a payback of around one year.
[Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
OutSmart identified the true source of the problem. This allowed maintenance staff to be deployed in a very targeted, efficient and cost effective manner to make necessary changes
[Data Management - Data Analysis]
The OutSmart analysis was also used to identify possible customer experience, food safety and regulatory issues. During the first month a total of 50 of these issues were reported to the customer
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