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Turning Kitchens Greener and more Efficient with Building Automation

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 Turning Kitchens Greener and more Efficient with Building Automation - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Networks & Connectivity - WiFi
  • Sensors - Airflow Sensors
  • Sensors - Humidity Sensors
  • Sensors - Temperature Sensors
Applicable Industries
  • Food & Beverage
Applicable Functions
  • Business Operation
Use Cases
  • Building Automation & Control
The Customer
About The Customer
McDONALD'S (RIverside, California outlet)
The Challenge

Fast food chains like McDonald's seek to manage labor and energy costs along multiple nodes of their supply chain. One place where all the challenges of running these restaurants converge is the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is the ideal place where energy can be saved, monitored and improved. The toughest part about effecting changes in the kitchen though is the fact that these buildings are often old and difficult to upgrade.

The Solution

A green fast-food kitchen system incorporating LonWorks technology can help control HVAC across the building, manage exterior lighting, and track metering/monitoring for electrical systems or a solar-hot-water system. As in most energy monitoring systems, each restaurant manager can have access to a web portal in his or her office, allowing individual franchise owners to browse, control and monitor data on each component of the energy system.

Data Collected
Energy Cost Per Unit, Labor Costs, Maintenance Requirements, Supply Chain Optimization, Waste Management Cost
Operational Impact
  • [Cost Reduction - Maintenance]
    There are fewer maintenance issues.
  • [Cost Reduction - Energy]
    Energy losses that are common to most industrial building operations can be avoided by the self-correcting intelligent system.

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