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Utilities Homogenous System

Utilities Homogenous System - mPrest Industrial IoT Case Study
Analytics & Modeling - Big Data Analytics
Building Energy Management

The utilities sector is characterized by myriad unconnected, legacy-based heterogeneous systems offered by several vendors that operate according to different standards (e.g. Ethernet, SCADA, OPC, ONVIF, MODBUS). Each system typically covers a particular area of activity (e.g. temperature, pressure, noise, alarm, access control), and is not integrated with the others. Due to this complexity, utilities management teams typically find it difficult to create a coherent, cross-organization situation picture, and to make operational decisions.

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mPrest’s software technology builds a system of systems, “connecting the dots” on a single information grid. From connecting and integrating multiple and heterogeneous systems, through generating an integrated situational awareness picture and running real-time optimization and analytics, to executing appropriate action, mPrest provides end-to-end coverage for all monitoring and control activities. mPrest nurtures strategic partnerships with utilities and system integrators worldwide to improve system performance and lower project development time, cost and risk.

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Access Control Status, Alarms For Automated Applications, Operating Cost, Pressure, Temperature
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[Data Management - Data Integration]
Anchored by its groundbreaking technology, mPrest has created a new paradigm in the development and adaptation of monitoring and control systems. Featuring modular building blocks that together form an advanced, robust and generic platform, mPrest’s techn
[Product Improvement - User Acceptance]
Empowers system integrators to integrate multiple complex systems, and enables operations personnel themselves to adapt systems to myriad changes in rules, languages, operational modes and sensors
[Efficiency Improvement - R&D]
Seamlessly adapts to changes in rules, operating procedures and sensors, and easily scales to any level of expansion or redeployment.
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