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i4 Suite
i4 Suite
i4 Suite
SPIA's flagship product, i4 Suite, makes industrial data available for the right people at the right time, securely. We are ambassadors of Hybrid IIoT where our customers can mix and build cloud and edge components to arrive at an optimum IIoT System Architecture. i4 Suite is the Simplest Hybrid IIoT Platform ever built. i4 Suite is a highly customized Solution Building Platform, which can be used to build projects and applications by Automation System Integrators, with minimum knowledge of programming and IT Systems, who are domain experts in their area,

Category: Software as a Service
Deployment: InstalledSaaS (web based)
System: Windows
Functions: Process ManufacturingDiscrete Manufacturing
Capabilities: Remote Access & ControlQuality Assurance & ControlPredictive MaintenanceOverall Equipment EffectivenessMass CustomizationInventory ManagementInfrastructure Access & SecurityFacility Climate ControlEnvironmental MonitoringEnergy ManagementEnvironmental Health & SafetyData VisualizationCybersecurityData Acquisition & ManagementBilling & Monetization