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Huawei is a global leader of ICT solutions. Huawei's strategy in the enterprise domain focuses on close cooperation and integration with partners to deliver a wide range of highly efficient customer-centric ICT solutions and services that are based on a deep understanding of customer needs. In line with their portfolio covers enterprise networking, unified communications & collaboration (UC&C), Cloud Computing & data center, enterprise wireless, network energy and infrastructure services.

Embedded with chips and sensors, objects have started to ‘think’, ‘feel’ and ‘talk’. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers a myriad of possible applications. Huawei is eager to harness the potential of this new evolution. The Internet of Things involves multiple forms of M2M communications – Machine to Machine, machine to man, man to machine, and machine to mobile. Considered the next big IT wave following computers, the internet and mobile communications, M2M makes the idea of a ‘smart planet’ a reality. Huawei is at the forefront of efforts to drive forward this new trend and create the right conditions to unleash its potential. The first European projects in this field are already underway.

Bell Canada, LG, Telenor

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