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ALOALTO helps bring traditional industries into the digital age and to reduce operational costs.

Industrial asset owners and maintenance service providers Trust them to connect their assets using IoT sensors and Actuators and collect more data in an affordable way. They build analytics software and tools enabling proactive and Predictive Maintenance of industrial assets to help companies achieve greater operational intelligence.

ALOALTO is a trusted advisor for integrated IOT-Big Data projects related to connected asset maintenance and smart Predictive Maintenance projects.

ALOALTO enables the swift integration of one or more of these solutions into the right technology architecture, the right business model, for their clients' business needs.
Asset management units and field service teams deserve compelling and useful tools to operate and repair your revenue-generating equipment.

ALOALTO is a spinoff of a company that has over 10 years’ experience in delivering field service management software. It has been founded by two skilled entrepreneurs.

With IoT, the cost of data acquisition tends to zero while analytics of that data gives it an increasing value.
ALOALTO connects your assets to the IoT and crunch your data.

ALOALTO helps companies owning or managing industrial assets with a global approach:

- COLLECT: We ingest data from various sources including the IoT
- VISUALISE: Display in real-time the status of your equipment
- PREDICT: Generate predictive models and be more proactive
- AUTOMATE: Prescribe actions & reactions to Actuators upon specific events
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