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Ansys develops Computer-Aided Engineering software across a range of disciplines including finite element analysis, structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics, explicit and implicit methods, and heat transfer. Also develops a digital twin platform using ANSYS simulation tools that is used by engineers to monitor real-time prescriptive analytics, test Predictive Maintenance to optimize asset performance and provides data to improve the physical product design. The company was founded in 1970. by John A. Swanson as Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc(SASI). In 1994 it was sold to TA Associates, who changed its name to Ansys. The company has been recognized as one of the world's most innovative and fastest -growing companies by prestigious organizations including BusinessWeek and FORTUNE magazines.

Engineering Simulation Platform: The ANSYS simulation platform delivers the broadest suite of best-in-class simulation technology and unifies it with your custom applications, CAD software and enterprise business process tools such as PLM. Its open and flexible framework connects engineering teams, tools and data. A common platform facilitates the efficient and reliable sharing of engineering information across an organization, its supply chain and field operations, making your engineering operations more agile.

SpaceClaim: Multipurpose 3D modeling for concept modeling, design, manufacturing, reverse engineering, 3D printing and simulation preparation.

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