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Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH

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Applied Informatics is a leading provider of software frameworks and solutions for IoT device development.

With (or macchina), Applied Informatics provides an innovative toolkit for building embedded IoT applications that connect sensors, devices and cloud services. is cloud-ready service providing secure remote access to IoT gateways and IoT devices for support teams, service partners and end-users via web, virtual desktop or mobile app.

Applied Informatics serves a global customer base in a variety of fields, was founded in 2006, is privately held, and is based in Carinthia, Austria.
Applied Informatics was founded by Günter Obiltschnig in 2004 with the goal to simplify the life of software developers by providing software frameworks and tools that are powerful, platform independent and fun to work with. After all, software engineering should be about managing complexity, not creating it. A pioneer in what is now known as the Internet of Things,

Applied Informatics has been providing software frameworks for building the Internet of Things for more than 10 years. Realizing the many promises of the IoT requires complex software systems running on different kinds of systems, from small microcontroller-based sensor nodes to IoT gateways and complex IoT devices, to cloud systems to analyze and make sense of all the data. Reducing the development time, risks and costs is essential for IoT projects to be successful. The powerful and industry-proven software building blocks provided by Applied Informatics help to significantly reduce development time, risks and costs, while at the same time enabling a future-proof, flexible software architecture.

Applied Informatics is a strong supporter of Open Source software and believes that the IoT should be built primarily on open technologies. Two Open Source projects initiated by Applied Informatics founder Günter Obiltschnig provide the foundation for all products developed by Applied Informatics.
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