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Aquicore is an information technology company that offers a cloud-based software designed for asset operations platform for the CRE sector. Its SaaS platform provides seamless real-time building intelligence, analytics, and process automation solutions that drive higher NOIs.

Aquicore offers comprehensive energy analytics and automation solutions for commercial real estate, with a vision for better building economics and sustainable portfolios. An emerging leader for uniting the connected environment, Aquicore delivers an integrated, full-stack building portfolio solution that enables rapid deployment, flexibility and scalability to fit the needs of each customer. Founded in 2013 by Logan Soya, Aquicore technology is now deployed in over 500 buildings across the United States.

Utility Load Analytics: With up-to-the-minute performance insights available at any time and all in one place, Aquicore helps you level up your operations and find hidden savings across your entire portfolio.

Utility Budgets: Shared budgets, centralized utility bills, and real-time spend Tracking for your portfolio keep everyone on the same page, ensuring you hit your financial targets.

HVAC Analytics: Stay ahead of equipment issues, comfort complaints, energy waste and building inefficiencies, and find meaningful savings that impact your bottom line.

Hilton Worldwide, Blackstone, Willis Tower, Howard Hughes Center, Park Avenue Tower, Diplomat Resort, Miami Marlins Stadium, Grady Hospital

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