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Armada allows companies to share data securely amongst multiple partners and create a digital supply network. The Armada Platform allows users to quickly set up their supply chain flows, add partners and stakeholders, and manage data on Armada. An intuitive workflow allows users to quickly set up supply chain processes and visualize data across the supply chain, allowing them to identify bottlenecks and adjust strategies. Armada handles all data security, privacy and interaction with DLT, allowing users to focus on managing their supply chain and delivering the bottom line. Granular provenance of data is achieved through a toolkit to connect with IOT and existing systems. Users can use Armada Applications to handle track & trace, enhanced collaboration channels, or securely share data to 3rd parties to handle services such as trade finance.

More Data, More Power Connecting all stakeholders across the supply chain, Armada illustrates the entirety of your supply chain’s story. Identify bottlenecks and gain specific insight into every detail. Use Armada Applications to connect track and trace, enhanced communications and third parties, like trade finance, to your supply chain. Security and Simplicity We built Armada with the focus of protecting your data, but also designing it as simple as possible. Ensuring that your data is private on Hedera Hashgraph, Armada makes it intuitive to share data in near real-time with your partners. Easy access to all data let’s you focus on solving problems, not diagnosing them. Integration for all stakeholders Armada offers an assortment of tools to integrate with your and your partners’ existing workflows, reducing tedious onboarding, integration and adjusting to new processes. Bring new levels of automation and efficiency to your supply chain, without changing your workflow.

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