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Autosys Industrial Solutions Private Limited

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Industrial data analytics and decision science by comprehensive monitoring and management of an industrial shop floor.

Autosys Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on February 17th, 2016. A company with expertise on industrial automation and industrial data management.

Our solution improves the efficiency, productivity and overall equipment effecitveness while minimizing the cost and environmental impact. Our technologies are used by clients in plants and facilities around the world, giving them a competitive edge by accelerating their processes, improving accuracy, saving time, cutting waste and boosting their safety and sustainability performance

Discovering an industrial revolution with endless possibilities.

Introducing Quad Industrial IoT Solution. A simple plug and play tool, cross compatible with any industrial machinery regardless of how old it is. With the help of Internet of Things (IOT) a suite of sensors can be plugged into the physical system that can continuously communicate data in realtime of various ongoings to the remote cloud server, and the digital twin can be programmed to behave conditionally. This gives a realisation of the actual shop floor on a virtual desktop.

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