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Black Lake Technologies is a manufacturing SaaS company that builds plant floor collaboration tools to digitally transform factories.
Intelligent Scheduling
Flexible planning production; Comprehensive control of production information to assist flexible scheduling; Smart recommendation schedule; Cloud Computing recommended scheduling solution to intelligently optimize production management; Real-time grasp of production progress; Accurate to the task, real-time update order planning and production progress, visualization of production data

Quality Control
Customized multi-type quality inspection plan, real-time understanding of on-site quality inspection results; Support walk-through quality inspection, the results are uploaded at any time; quality inspection report scan code binding production batch; Remotely monitor production quality and quickly trace the source of quality

Material Management
View product inventory in real time; Scan the code to trace the production history and the batch of materials, lock the source of the problem and improve the manufacturing process; Real-time display of inventory fluctuations and inventory levels to improve inventory utilization and turnover efficiency
McDonalds, China Resources Grouup

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