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Byos completely cloaks a device, or even an enterprise’s entire network, so that it cannot be discovered nor accessed, except by those entities that have proven their credentials beyond a shadow of a doubt. We then apply rules, based on that proven identity, so that access to each device is provisioned on an absolute Least Privilege basis. That makes lateral movement across the network practically impossible.

The Byos Secure Gateway Edge Solution has three main capabilities, incorporating different components for security, management, and access of IoT devices:

Plug-and-play Network Security at the edge, independent of the host or the cloud

Byos Industrial μGateway™(“micro gateway”) is a Secure Gateway Edge deployed as a standalone industrialized Gateway. It isolates devices sitting behind it onto their own microsegment within the local network, protecting them from OSI layer 1-5. It has 3 different operation modes:

  1. Wi-Fi Hotspot-mode for Wireless-capable Devices
  2. Ethernet-mode for Legacy and Wired Devices
  3. Client-mode to connect to a pre-existing Wi-Fi Network

This approach provides protection from the attacks that are most commonly seen on Wi-Fi networks: eavesdropping, lateral movement, DNS poisoning, route alteration, Exploiting and DDoS, and rogue AP. Being at the real edge means security isn’t dependent on the Host’ IoT devices OS nor is delegated to the cloud - all security processing happens locally on the µGateway for maximum protection against typical attacks that rely on evasion techniques.

The Byos Secure Gateway Edge can be deployed with a number of different types of Endpoints, so long as they speak TCP/IP.

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