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Cloud of Things offers a unique connected device management solution for OEM product manufacturers and systems integrators (SIs). Based on patent-pending technology, the plug-and-play CoT DeviceTone™ Client instantly connects any device to any cloud, making the device IoT-ready within minutes.

Cloud of Things' cloud backend is an infrastructure-agnostic, Docker® based and scalable IoT device management cloud that works seamlessly with external IoT clouds such as Microsoft® Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT and IBM Watson IoT, and with select CRM systems. Embedded Firmware package The embedded device Firmware package supports the leading IoT standards: AllJoyn, IoTivity and Google Weave and includes our CloudSwitch™ technology stack, enabling the device to communicate with select IoT clouds. Their patented low-footprint Firmware supports many existing chipsets and circuit boards, making it hardware agnostic to most devices, whether they’re IoT-enabled or not. Connected products management backend The Cloud of Things backend covers all aspects of connected product management needs, from a device repository to Tracking, lifecycle management and analytics. The cloud platform is built from the ground up using Docker®, enabling superior security, automatic version updates and complete flexibility in deployment.

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