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At Cloud Studio, we have developed an IoT platform that addresses real-life verticals, offering end-to-end solutions that are innovative, flexible, and field-proven.

In recent years, we have witnessed the proliferation of generic products, protocols, and IoT platforms, but we have identified that when applied to satisfy the needs of concrete verticals, they still require case-by-case development, and rely heavily on customizations that require business and technical knowledge that is not embedded into those products and platforms. Even within the same industry, each project becomes a unique implementation.

On the other hand, generic platforms such as those offered by Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon, provide an adequate solution for software-development companies to build the foundation for vertical solutions, but this requires a substantial effort, not only from a technical perspective, but also from gaining the business knowledge necessary to add value. In practice, this means real-life customers (Utility companies, ESCOs, Telco’s, ISPs, government branches, parking operators, etc.) must often use solutions that are built from scratch to meet their needs.

Our platform makes it possible to operate under several verticals without these restrictions, immediately, and essentially “out-of-the-box”.

Our current focus is on applying our platform to projects in which modern technologies, and IoT in particular, provide a path to improve energy efficiency, control, and maintainability, such as:

• Energy & infrastructure optimization (Platform: Gear Studio)

Industry 4.0 (Platform: Gear Studio)

• Public lighting (Platform: Beam Studio)

• Tailored Projects (Platform: Custom)

Buenos Aires City (70.000 Street Lightings)



Assa Abloy

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