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The legal representative is Chen Lucheng. The company's business scope includes: engaging in digital technology, intelligent technology, software technology, technology development, technology consultation, technology transfer, technical services, computer software development in the Internet technology field, computer data processing services, conference services, corporate management Consultation, property management, smart equipment installation, maintenance (excluding special equipment), weak current construction (excluding installation and maintenance of electric facilities), sales: mechanical equipment and accessories, mechanical and electrical equipment and accessories, instrumentation, electronic products, hardware and electrical equipment, communication equipment and related products (excluding wireless transmission, satellite receiving equipment), computer hardware& software and auxiliary equipment, industrial automation control equipment, environmental protection equipment, plastic products (excluding disposable foam plastic products and ultra-thin plastic bags) , packaging materials and products, metal products, chemical raw materials and products (excluding hazardous chemicals, contraband, precursor chemicals), home appliances, electrical equipment, automobiles, molds, primary agricultural products, non sub-packaged seeds, food (carry out business activities according to the License issued by the food and drug administration department), fruits, vegetables, raw grains, pesticides (carry out business activities according to the License issued by the Municipal Agriculture Commission and the safety supervision department), fertilizers, goods and technology import and export (except prohibited items according to laws and administrative regulations, items of activities restricted according to laws and administrative regulations shall be conducted only after license obtained), technology development, design, surveying and development of molds and their products, technical development, technical consulting, technical services in the fields of textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, sales and online sales (excluding added value telecommunications and financial services): clothing and accessories, shoes, hats, bags and luggage bag, knit goods, household goods, daily necessities, sporting goods, handicrafts, logistics design, logistics information consulting services, warehousing services (excluding dangerous goods), Container unpacking , LCL service, general freight, international freight forwarding, cargo-specific transportation (container, cold storage), domestic road and rail freight forwarding, technology development technical services, technology transfer, technology promotion in the field of Internet of Things, design, fabrication, agency , advertising, and market research. (Projects that need to be approved by law can only be carried out after getting approval by relevant authorities)

Industrial Solutions:

Professional solutions formed through different industry clusters will help various industries to improve quality and efficiency, optimize resource allocation and innovate mode transformation.

-COSMOPlat Home Appliance Industry Solutions

-Intelligent Mould Solutions

-Smart Energy Solutions

-COSMOPlat Mechanical Solutions

-COSMOPlat Clothing Solutions

IoT Plan:

Connect all kinds of intelligent terminals such as consumer devices, commercial devices and industrial devices, support 98% of communication protocols, conduct efficient and visual management of devices, and rapidly build innovative Internet of Things businesses.

-Intelligent Device Solutions


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