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DESCRIPTION is a company of passionate, experienced developers who’ve crafted a bold and clever database for the fast, data intensive world, making speed and scalability super simple, open, and accessible — a solution that’s built to be sustainable for all.


CrateDB is a distributed SQL database built on top of a NoSQL foundation. It combines the familiarity of SQL with the scalability and data flexibility of NoSQL, enabling developers to:

- Use SQL to process any type of data, structured or unstructured

- Perform SQL queries at realtime speed, even JOINs and aggregates

- Scale simply

Customers often use CrateDB to store and query Machine Data. This is because CrateDB makes it easy and economical to handle the velocity, volume, and diversity of machine and log data. In fact, customers have reported CrateDB ingesting millions of data points per second, while also querying terabytes of data in real time… 20x faster than their previous database and on 75% less database hardware.

CrateDB Cloud

Designed to handle the complexity of high-end time series work­loads in real-time, CrateDB Cloud is a fully-managed database-as-a-service. Secured, scaled and operated by the engineers that built CrateDB.

Crate IoT Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing

Crate provides infrastructure software as a data processing layer to many IoT solutions. However for one specific vertical a full stack solution has emerged, which is offered for a focused customer group: Discrete Manufacturers for Consumer Packaged Goods - think about bottles that get filled with things, at massive scale. There is a good chance that bottles you use in your fridge or your bathroom have been running its data through the Crate Platform during their production cycle.

Data processing and analysis puts the "smart" in smart factories, smart cities, smart vehicles.

The Crate IoT Data Platform makes it easy to build smart systems that collect streams of data from connected devices and sensors, enrich the data, analyze it, and then initiate action "in the moment."

It enables you to monitor, predict, or control the behavior of things in real time, and make course corrections to improve business efficiency, profitability, and security every minute instead of every month.

NBC Universal, Nokia, McAfee, Gantner instruments, ClearVoice

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