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ELEKS is a trusted global organization that provides offshore, full-cycle, software product engineering services, from ideation to finished products. Since 1991, they’ve been helping businesses innovate and build advanced software products that matter, leveraging technologies such as Data Analytics, the Internet of Things, mobile applications and Wearables.

Innovate: Prototyping and Ideation
Virtually, every disruptive technology starts from an idea implemented as a working prototype. We continuously invest in our R&D Lab, so that our engineers can do feasibility assessment and build prototypes for the boldest ideas you can imagine.

Validate: MVP Development
Technology changed the way people build products. Getting to market faster than competitors is what matters. Now you can see how users interact with your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and learn how to make it better. We believe in Lean Startup ideas and have been successfully implementing them for our customers’ businesses.

Evolve:Outsourced Product Engineering
We have been working as an outsourcing partner with some of our customers for more than 15 years, delivering results that range from a single app to software product portfolios with a dozen of products. Software products that we have built are serving various audiences, from small departments to millions of consumers worldwide, 24/7.

We embrace an agile product development methodology, and will iterate, measure, and adjust your development to achieve desired outcomes and results quickly and efficiently.
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