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Ewattch, founded in 2012, is holder of the French Tech Pass and winner of the 2020 '10000 startups to change the world' competition in the industry of the future category.

Based on innovative wireless technologies such as the LoRa network, it develops in-house packaged and scalable solutions, consisting of an IoT platform and a range of sensors. The latter enable buildings to be connected quickly, progressively and at a lower cost, in order to improve their performance. The "EwattchCloud" platform, for its part, allows you to create dashboards with relevant indicators, to supervise, analyze and improve the operation of your buildings.

The benefits of Ewattch solutions for Smartbuilding are multiple: from temperature and CO2 control, to the rate of attendance and the hourly range of use of your premises, through the control of the various energy consumption items...

With Ewattch, gradually enter the 4.0 era!

Ewattch multifunction sensors allow to quickly and simply set up building monitoring projects, to measure electricity consumption, to connect water and gas meters, etc...

The LoRaWAN wireless technology then allows data to be sent to the Ewattch Cloud platform. Thanks to its detailed dashboards, it is the ideal interface to easily supervise the consumption stations of factories and buildings and to optimize industrial performance.

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