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HUM Industrial Technology is a supply chain technology company building predictive sensors to make the supply chain smarter and safer. Our wireless wheel and bearing sensors for railcars and locomotives provides predictive visibility into the health of your assets, eliminating derailments, optimizing your maintenance management, and controlling your inventory costs.
Predictive Maintenance
Using proprietary vibration analysis, our sensors are able to predict bearing and wheel failure several months in advance, eliminating costly network disruptions and allowing you to plan your maintenance spend with confidence.

Inventory Control
Not only will you able to track the location of your assets, you'll also be able to track your maintenance and inventory activities. Whether you have a fully utilized ERP or CMMS system or just a well-used clipboard, our web platform can boost your current system by Tracking specific components, and recording asset maintenance activities.

Derailment Prevention
With the ability to detect bad wheels and bearings months before failure, eliminate catastrophic derailments and costly maintenance delays. Continuous monitoring of rail car and locomotive wheels and bearings provides an extra layer of prevention to keep your crews, customer's goods, and your assets safe and secure.

Track & Trace
Your customers are asking for detailed and frequent shipment updates. Give them Amazon-like visibility into their shipment using our continuous GPS Tracking. Combined with our simple web interface you will be able to keep tabs on your rail cars anytime, anywhere.

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