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Insight Enterprises, Inc. is a leading technology provider of hardware, software and service solutions to business and government clients in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Insight is focused on helping organizations move technology goals forward in the areas of Office Productivity, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Mobility, Network and Security, Data Center and Virtualization, Data Protection and Cloud. Insight has sold over three million business and public sector client cloud seats across the globe.

1. Insight Connected Suite

We build solutions that help your business make better decisions leveraging the latest technology, proprietary software and proven processes.

Insight Connected Suite solutions are designed to address specific challenges and drive business outcomes. We combine services, hardware, software and support into an all-encompassing package.

At Digital Innovation, we build solutions that are customized to address your unique needs. By using an established framework, we’re able to scale these solutions with ease and provide them cost-effectively and quickly.

Connected Platform

Improve operational efficiency and responsiveness across your spaces — from cities to factories to offices — using real-time data.

Connected Safety

An IoT-enabled emergency notification system creates safe spaces with a network of Smart Sensors, increasing awareness and communication.

2. Cloud + Data Center Transformation

Data center services increase your infrastructure’s efficiency, flexibility and security — enabling business to perform at its peak.

We help you define, architect, implement and manage an IT strategy that will clear your path to innocation.

Consolidation services

Stay lean and agile as your business grows. Consolidation can reduce costs, real estate and data center inefficiencies.

Migration services

Transition seamlessly to a modern platform. We offer strategy, stability and safety during this complex process.

Security services

Protect your most valuable assets — data, employees and customers — with integrated, comprehensive coverage.

Storage services

Enhance your data performance, availability and management with cloud-based storage, backup and recovery solutions.

Workload alignment

Optimize work with the right applications running on best-suited platforms. We provide a holistic view and understanding.

3. Connected Workforce

Our managed services offerings are expansive to help you build a cloud-first, mobile-first, next-generation workplace. We’ll help you drive productivity, simplify management and consolidate spending.

Insight Managed Office

Holistic services cover device procurement, configuration, security and refresh with simplified pricing based on use.

Insight Managed Mobility

Create a workforce that's productive anytime, anywhere — and gain a single provider for unified Endpoint management.

Insight Managed Collaboration

Incorporate collaboration tools into your workflow to increase worker satisfaction and productivity on any device.

Insight Managed Deployment

Deploy and refresh hardware and software effectively and securely to keep your business running at top performance.

4. Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize & simplify your technology investments to drive greater business transformation

Best-fit technology solutions can be the difference between maintaining operations and innovating. We’ll help you invest smarter with the right combination of cost, quality and support.

Procurement platform

Strategic purchasing starts with aligning business goals and technology needs. Our tools make it easy to get the right solutions.

Product lifecycle services

Proper integration takes a breadth of skills. We provide integration, deployment, warranty, maintenance and disposal services.

Software solutions & services

Staying competitive requires modern software. We’ll help you get the best value on new software purchases and compliance management.

Cloud products & management

The cloud has changed the way we work. Insight’s partnerships and services simplify procuring, provisioning and managing cloud solutions.

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