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We founded Integra Sources with an idea to create things deemed impossible.

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Integra Sources was founded by two professional software and hardware engineers in 2013 in the Siberian city of Barnaul. Now, we are a team of 30+ professionals who work together for bringing to life the ideas of people from all over the world.

Since 2013, Integra Sources has completed more than 100 projects making happy more than 40 clients. We helped 6 customers to raise more than $5,000,000 on Crowdfunding platforms in total.

Our team provides services in the fields of IoT, electronic design, embedded systems, kernel and driver development, system and application software development, computer vision, and robotics.

We develop solutions for industries of:

  • IoT/consumer devices
  • Smart Home
  • Wearables
  • Industrial IoT
  • Healthcare
  • Sports
  • Entertainment

How do we cooperate?

  • Project-based outsourcing
  • Dedicated development team
  • Research & development
  • Technology consulting
  • Solutions for startups

As an IoT development company, we primarily focus on the use cases listed below. But we can also discuss other applications for IoT that aren't covered here.

IoT in supply chain management and logistics: developing IoT solutions in this field, we connect sensors, products, equipment, vehicles, and employees in real time. It makes supply chains smarter, more efficient, and data-driven.

IoT in agriculture and smart farming: we would be the best fit to solve the challenges of livestock monitoring, remote equipment monitoring, agricultural drones, precision farming, smart greenhouse.

IoT in healthcare: we provide the development of IoT technologies for healthcare and medical providers. The most common use cases we work on are the Internet of Healthcare Things or the Internet of Medical Things, remote health monitoring, fitness Wearables, connected hospital.

IoT in education: we specialize in the development of cameras, sensors, RFIDs, and connected devices. We develop smart devices used on campuses for monitoring and surveillance of educational premises, ensuring student safety, classroom management, keeping track of resources, and energy efficiency.

IoT in media and entertainment: we can help you build powerful Machine Learning systems that analyze data and deliver content tailored to specific audiences. We work on content personalization, multi-device content delivery, smart devices for entertainment to name a few.

Consumer IoT: from hardware to IoT cloud – we can support your efforts in developing a fully-fledged platform for smart devices that can be controlled remotely. Our field of expertise includes systems for elderly care and home security, wearable tech, and personal assistants.

Smart home systems: we have the skills in place to help you implement IoT solutions for home automation that improve home safety, reduce energy consumption, detect and prevent failures, and make people's lives more convenient.

IoT in sports: we can help you implement connected devices for player performance Tracking and injury prevention, as well as build a Wireless Sensor Network for optimized stadium operations and increased security.

Industrial IoT: we build interfaces for connected devices, and web and mobile applications for end-users. We also provide integration services with enterprise resource planning, data warehousing, business intelligence, and customer relationship management systems. Our end-to-end IoT applications increase operational efficiency and worker safety, allow for remote monitoring of people and assets, and improve quality control.

DaVinci INNOVATION LABS, AVerMedia, The Medical Team, GP2U, Ruiz Aerospace Manufacturing, University of East London, Economic And Social Research Council, BASICMICRO, THERADOME, VISYBL, SimpleRobots, EDGE TECH LAB 

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