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Intelligence Techsol is a team of super creative and out of the box thinkers.

Being agile and focused corporate professionals, we tend to deliver value to our customers. Having worked with various Fortune 500 companies and gaining good insights in the domain, we as a team, started serving clients on our own.

We focus mainly on customer needs and not the wants. Because of which, we always come up with perfect solutions which are easily acceptable by the end users. The biggest advantage being, our huge work experience with corporate sector. This gives us an upper hand in serving our customers and ensures customer delight. Our experience also helps us in ensuring world-class work culture for our team members to keep them engaged and focused.

Intelligence Techsol provides solutions to customer problems to accomplish Industry 4.0 standards.

Some of the key offerings -

  1. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) -
    1. Connected shop floor -
    2. Shop floor monitoring -
    3. Machine monitoring
  2. Computer Vision for quality inspection -
    1. Welding inspection -
    2. Dimension measurement
    3. Data analytics -
    4. Smart machines

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