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JOUAV is a UAV company that is committed to creating military grade and customer-oriented high-performance and integrative industrial autopilot systems, carrying payloads and UAV solutions based on core technology such as UAV intelligent flight control and navigation, carrying payloads, command control system and system integration. JOUAV builds the flight control & navigation technology for fixed wing, helicopter, multi-rotors UAV and have mature series products.

•CW007 UAV – Light, small, and portable with zero tool disassembly, excellent lift-to-drag ratio design, this UAV produces some of the best sensor and data results. This is an advanced agricultural drone system that provides a reliable basis for accurately calibrating the true health of multispectral image crops and can cover thousands of acres of land in one flight to achieve effective crop monitoring and analysis.

•NP-100 Autopilot Software - Specifically designed for micro and small UAVs, this hardware is a cost-effective and highly integrated flight control and navigation system. This system integrates professional IMU, magnetic sensors, dynamic & static Pressure Sensors and GPS module.

China Earthquake Administration (CEA)

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