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JTT is a high-tech company specialized in specializing in R&D, sales, training and service of industrial-grade drones. They provide cutting-edge technology and industrial UAV solutions. JTT integrates multi-rotor intelligent UAV into aerial surveillance, public security, search and rescue, environmental monitoring, agriculture, aerial photography and scientific investigation

•T60 V2 UAV - Capable of working in harsh environments, It has built-in temperature measuring module that tells the drone to return to home if the temperature is too high. High payload ability (4.5 Kg Max), can carry multiple payloads max weight up to 4.5kg.

•Emergency and Command Platform - Relies on the public or other wireless network technology to transfer real-time surveillance video to send insights to the command platform. This smart system analyzes and recognizes information according to the transferred videos or the pictures, summarizes the results and provides technical support for the police force and emergency response strategies for the leaders.

Ministry of Public Security

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