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"Every business is digital business" - Any business today relies on a functioning IT infrastructure in its everyday processes. IT outages can quickly lead to fatal consequences; the IT infrastructure needs to be as secure as possible. This is just where Kentix comes into play: We develop efficient and reliable all-in-one systems for environmental monitoring and access control.
The Kentix MultiSensor® Technology combines the most important sensors all in one system which makes the monitoring of small as well as large IT infrastructures easy and efficient. With the new access component, the Kentix DoorLock®, a complete system building kit is established that offers the right solution for any application. All Kentix products are interconnectable via the Internet of Things which allows them to communicate fast and reliably.

80% of global IT infrastructures today are not sufficiently secured against physical risks despite growing regulatory requirements. At the same time, Smart Buildings are on the rise and require security for more and bigger IT infrastructures. Kentix offers IT-linkable Smart Building Security products for professional users - for more security in data centers, offices and industrial sites.

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