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Kigen enables businesses to grow their Internet of Things rapidly by integrating Trust and security through SIM, eSIM and iSIM technologies.

Kigen is a result of incubation and investment after being acquired in 2017 by Arm holdings – a Softbank Group Company, from eSIM pioneers Simulity Labs Ltd, which was incorporated in 2009.

Kigen (UK) Limited spun out into a newly created company in 2020, separating officially from Arm in 2021.

Kigen delivers:

- embedded portable OS for SIM, eSIM and iSIM

- A strong ecosystem of partners who can delivers manufacturing options for discrete or integrated SIMS

- A portfolio of applets, notably Open IOT Safe which enables a seamless zero touch provisioning for IOT devices.

- GSMA SAS-UP accredited Digital Key insertion to generate secure packages for the provisioning of any type of sim.

- GSMA SAS-SM Remote Sim provisioning for both IOT devices (M2M specifications) and Consumer Devices.

Our key customers:

- SIM manufacturers who license Kigen OS 

- cellular chipset makers who integrate our OS on a dedicated secure enclave in their chipsets.

- Connectivity suppliers (MNO, MVNO) who integrate our Service offering and also Kigen powered SIM, eSIM, iSIM.

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