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LogicApps MI Digital Manufacturing Platform is a comprehensive enterprise manufacturing solution that can aggregate, contextualize, analyze, visualize, and propagate data from the shop floor.

This platform focuses on real-time shop floor data collection, visualization, and decision enabling, and enterprise integration application capability. LogicApps MI follows ISA 95 standards as the base for interoperable data integration and communication management for shop floor integration services. LAMI proposes an integrated solution where data acquisition, data contextualization, data visualization, and data propagation will be delivered using LogicApps MI Digital Manufacturing Platform. LogicApps MI Digital Manufacturing Platform is a combination of software and hardware solution and real-time data analysis for reporting of real-time plant floor events.

Manufacturers can benefit from MI solution for the following reasons:

Providing crucial information about process efficiencies across the plant

Act as an intermediary between the ERP system and shop floor processes

Reducing manufacturing costs by improving manufacturing efficiencies

Automate data entry and data collection processes

Enable managers and plant floor to focus on continuous improvement.

Provides dashboard data visually to improve communication between managers and Plant Floor

Be able to see real-time Event-based vs. transactional-based manufacturing information

Measure process performance by implementing KPI’s

Optimize cycle times, increase throughput, and lower inventory costs.

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