Neewee makes manufacturing more Visible and Transparent, Efficient and Autonomous using our AI Apps


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Neewee was founded in 2014 by a group of individuals with a belief that a data-filled world needs a data-first approach. By collecting, connecting and analysing data from every point of the manufacturing process, we enable companies to see the larger context. This helps discover underlying patterns, uncover high-potential opportunities, predict deviations and prescribe solutions; in turn, this intelligence augments day-to-day operations, empowering analysts, managers and shop-floor staff to take crucial business decisions in real time.

Neewee digitalizes manufacturing end to end with its IoT platform-agnostic AI Apps that are easy to implement and scale both vertically and horizontally. Our AI apps can be seamlessly integrated with your existing IoT platform to create a holistic view of the manufacturing life cycle and optimize production. With deployment in 8-12 weeks, we generate a real-time impact in real-world environments.

Neewee views entire manufacturing process as set-of sub-process which interact with each other to produce the final product. It creates a digital twin for each of the sub-process which models the non-liner interaction of product, process, asset and work-station level parameters with the process outcome. Once the twin is deployed on the manufacturing line,our AI Apps starts predicting the outcomes as well as helps identify bottlenecks, hidden failure patterns.Our ready-to-deploy AI apps give manufacturers quicker ROI like yield by 5-8%, Capacity Utilization by 5-7%, working capital by 8-10%, reduce cost by 15-20%, improve quality by 10-12% and production by 3-5% by understanding patterns and deliver insights that can be easily and immediately implemented. All of this is achieved using Machine Learning and AI

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