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Opentrends provides the most advanced custom software solutions to place companies in the Digital Transformation path, allowing them to achieve innovation advantage and contribute to their growth acceleration.

More than 18 years delivering innovative projects of high technological complexity in a wide range of industries, while guaranteeing quality and alignment with our client’s objectives. In fact, over a hundred global companies across various industries have full Trust in our unique ability to design, build, implement, and integrate complex software innovations into their organizations.

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Opentrends' IoT platform SaaS Thingtia simplifies the way businesses collect, analyze, monitor and broadcast information gathered by sensors and Actuators.

Thingtia Cloud avoids vertical solutions and makes data sharing easier while reducing specific technology, product and supplier dependency. A solid proven solution for city infrastructure with full application in other sectors: Agriculture, Farming, Energy, Logistics, Automotive, Smart Home, and Consumer electronics.

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Case studies where Sentilo and Thingtia are deployed:

Dubai Municipality

Kobe Municipal

Barcelona City Council

Terrassa City council

Catalan Water Agency

Hercules Capital, Sony, Honda, Volkswagen Group, Mitsubishi Electric, Würth Group, Barcelona City Council, and other under Non-disclosure Agreement.

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