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Recursion Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company based in Salt Lake City. Recursion Pharmaceuticals combines experimental biology, automation, and Artificial Intelligence in a massively parallel system to quickly and efficiently identify treatments for any disease which can be modeled at the cellular level. From its initial and continued focus on drug repurposing to treat rare diseases, Recursion Pharmaceuticals has broadened its platform to probe rich data from high-throughput automated screens for a number of indications, including aging, inflammation, infectious disease, and immunology. Recursion Pharmaceuticals is aggressively leveraging technology to build a robust and reliable map of human cellular biology, which will enable a radical shift in the pace and scale at which new treatments will benefit patients.
Drug discovery, reimagined through Artificial Intelligence
We are discovering transformative new treatments by leveraging the speed of automation with the intelligence of computers. It’s drug discovery at unprecedented pace.

Think of it as radical bio-intelligence
We combine Artificial Intelligence with automation to conduct experimental biology at scale ― testing thousands of compounds on hundreds of cellular disease models in parallel. Our embrace of systems biology and our commitment to an unbiased approach are leading to novel discoveries. With every experiment, our system gets smarter.
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