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Founded in 2006, we are an agile international team working in Aalborg, Denmark. Our end-to-end IoT expertise encompasses embedded hardware and software, wireless communication protocols, cloud platforms with gateway integration and user interfaces.

Companies are realizing that they can’t compete in the future without providing smart services bundled with their traditional products. “What can the app do?” will be the question on consumers’ lips as the Internet of Things becomes an everyday reality.

By using our state-of-the-art IoT technology, you can accelerate your entrance into the Internet of Things arena. You will shorten your time-to-market, reduce your price, and lower your risk.
Seluxit’s IoT services range from work on the embedded device, to the IoT platform, to the user interface.

Seluxit User Interface: The user interface provides the means for the end-user to interact with the connected devices in a given IoT solution.

Seluxit IoT Platform:: The IoT platform refers to the gateway, server and middle-ware which mediate and coordinate the potentially complex machine-to-machine (m2m) communication between devices and the Internet.

Seluxit Embedded systems: Embedded devices refer to the technologies required to enable devices to communicate through the Internet. These technologies include hardware development and design, Firmware development, and communication protocol specification and implementation.

End-to-end Consultancy: Seluxit offers end-to-end consultancy to help our customers best apply the best technologies to achieve their business goals.
Innogy / RWE, Gardena (Husqvarna Group)
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