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Enabling your robots and drones globally accessible & control with multimedia streaming through sposync.com partnership

Pion webRTC clients for Ubuntu desktop and Raspberry Pi Arm, enabling robot and drone globally accessible & controllable with multimedia streaming

Light-weight IoT devices and robots/drones not only stream multimedia but also can be controlled with your own custom commands. You can test Pion webRTC clients for Ubuntu Desktop or Raspberry Pi Arm by downloading files from Secure P2P Call&Access section of SPOSYNC.COM. In order for SPOSYNC.COM playing these roles, please contact support@sposync.com for connecting GPIOs or serial ports of your devices for your customized commands set.




Broadcast your recorded or live Ads from your devices through your browser and streaming utilities or sposync built-in screen share feature. Register your location and corresponding contents infos.

You can host live Interactive Video streaming events and messenger with audiences. Private mode lets you choose audiences by request and your own icons can be registered. Audiences can access to your events through location-event pair when you register. Multiple video devices can be switched and events can be recorded.

Secure P2P call is one-on-one video call with messenger. This is P2P in nature thus confidential and secure. webRTC data channels enable global access and control so that you navigate your devices such as drones and robots for multimedia streaming. We provide Pion WebRTC Clinets codes - Golang for you to implement devices control and utilize sposync.com service.

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