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Get Virtual machines, Containers, and cloud services that are closer than ever to your data sources and destinations. Faster I/O. Higher distro. Because every millisecond matters at the edge. We love IoT and IoT devices love our ability to service customers closer to the device vs latency and other challenges that tend to arise.

StackPath is a Cloud Computing platform right in the city limits of major markets around the world, rather than a handful of zones that actually sit somewhere out of town. That way, your internet-centric applications and Microservices can run in more places, much closer to users and devices.

StackPath is a Cloud Computing platform that provides Infrastructure as a Service and applications. StackPath's IoT solutions include:

Edge Compute: Accelerates IoT device data processing by deploying workloads in Containers or VMs at the edge

StackPath's solutions can help to reduce overall bandwidth cost, secure data, accelerate processing

StackPath's edge locations are full deployments of advanced infrastructure next to IXPs. StackPath's solutions run in edge locations strategically deployed in high-density markets.

StackPath's key customers include: 


Game developers

Ad networks

Software distributors

Enterprise CDN customers

Customers that have an address in Brazil

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