TD Tech (Nokia & Huawei)

TD Tech (Nokia & Huawei)
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TD Tech Communication Technologies Ltd. was jointly founded by Nokia and Huawei in 2005. It has set up R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu with more than 1200 employees.

TD Tech has three business sectors: public networks, private networks, and security terminals.

So far, the Wireless Enterprise Solution of TD Tech has been successfully applied in smart transportation, airports, ports, smart grids, public security, and wireless E-government networks. In 2019, TD Tech takes the lead, releasing new 5G products to empower and smarten the industries.

5G Module MH5000-31:

The 5G industrial module is a core component of connecting industrial products to the 5G network. The module encapsulates a 5G baseband chip featuring Radio Frequency (RF), storage, power management, and other hardware features together, providing standard software and hardware interfaces to reduce the efforts for industrial users.

NB Module BM6090:

The BM6090 is a safe and reliable NB-IoT wireless communication module with high performance, low power consumption, wide-coverage, and a compact size.

Intelligent Edge Gateway:

With powerful Edge Computing capabilities, TD Tech Intelligent Gateway for Edge Computation achieves many functions and applications such as data optimization, real-time response, agile connection, model analysis, security, and privacy protection on the edge nodes in the Internet of Things (IoT) to effectively share the load of Cloud Computing resources, and further digitalize the IoT in the 5G era.

Nanning International Airport, China Rail

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