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UniquID built a Blockchain SaaS to enable encrypted and secure communication between the 11billion IOT devices around the world. They've customers among some of the largest companies in the connected-vehicles, networking and healthcare space and is currently operating in stealth mode.

The UniquID protocol enables devices to self-generate identities, enforces security through timestamps and Digital Signatures circulated in the network, and allows deices to communicate without a trusted third party or a single point of failure. The UniquID protocol enables scalable and flexible deivce networking without the use of trusted third parties.

-Self generated identities:To identify devices, UniquID applies PGP and Web of Trust principles instead of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

-Distributed ledger of smart contracts: While human Trust depends on principles of free will and relationships, devices act following deterministic rules. The UniquID protocol defines these deterministic machine-to-machine relationships using Smart Contracts on Blockchain.

-A peer to peer network of devise: UniquID protocol is designed to create peer to peer relationships between devices. Using the mentioned trustless principles, secure machine-to-machines interactions are possible without the need of a trusted server, service company or authority.

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