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VersaSense delivers the IoT fabric to power the 4th industrial revolution.

The VersaSense Wireless Fabric consists of software, networking and hardware elements that can be combined to securely deliver sensor data to IoT platforms or enterprise back-end systems.

With VersaSense you can IoT-enable your plant or facility in a matter of days and radically reduce the total cost of ownership for industrial sensing and control systems.

Plug & play IoT solutions from VersaSense power and secure the Industrial Internet for major industrial, consumer goods, technology and agricultural companies across diverse Industry 4.0 application domains.

As a spin-off of the imec-DistriNet research group at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), VersaSense builds on a decade-long foundation of leading research in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
We have simplified the entire End2End solution from sensor to dashboard so you wouldn’t need those pesky PLC modifications just to add some advanced monitoring!

More to monitor than fancy new things
When you are installing a new infrastructure, it is easy to take monitoring into account. Making sure there’s power, network and the right types of sensors is just a part of the design. There are however billions of devices out there in the field, creating a lot of daily value, that are not ready for replacement. But they sure can be managed better than we are managing them today with our gut-feelings and twenty years of ‘experience’.

More to monitor than manufacturing
Yes, although the IoT movement has a strong history in manufacturing data, the broader movement goes towards all types of assets out there. Many actions in the world can provide objective data that leads to data driven decision making. Transportation, refrigerators, energy and utility metering, even the bread slicing machines in a retail store have been given a voice with VersaSense technology.
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