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Vision Lab Apps is a software house specialized in developing enterprise software solutions for AR, Machine Learning solutions and wearable technologies. Our mission is to support and empower industrial operators through significantly improving their productivity and security. Our vision is to be a central force in driving the Industry 4.0 revolution.

The company has developed ERA - its Augmented Reality software platform for the industrial workforce. ERA has been tested and validated through several pilots. It is currently in use within clients’ facilities that successfully tested it and acknowledged the benefits of adopting ERA. In particular, the areas chosen to deploy ERA are remote technical assistance and maintenance, training and after-sales services.

The company is entering the scale-up phase after successfully testing the adoption of ERA and validating its business model. Therefore, the next step is to enter international markets.
Industry 4.0 - Man-machine dialogue, starts here.

Augmented Reality increase workers’ skills, helping in daily tasks;
Virtual Reality amplify training efficiency, making it immersive.

Get in control
Modern machines connects to the company’s network, processing data in real-time.
The operator can constantly check the entire manufacturing process.

Modern AI, integrated inside the factory, allows to analyze with precision the company’s performance and to show to the operators valuable predictive data.

Applications include:

Remote Assistance
Connect the workforce with smart and wearable devices in real time. Increase productivity, prevent human errors, reduce maintenance and travel costs of technicians.

Instructions Set
Support the workforce daily, through Augmented Reality information and IoT devices.
Guide the tasks of the operators with order and clarity, coordinating from a remote location.

AR and VR training
Revolutionize the operators’ training by simulating the real context of all processes and activities of the work to execute. Use 360 videos and AR/VR content.

Object recognition and matching
We improve the warehouse management with an AI system, able to identify objects and show data in Augmented Reality.

Big Data Analytics
Our platform has an automatic self-learning engine, able to give valuable information about the company's performance. Every aspect is customizable, based on your requirements.

Digital Transformation
It doesn’t matter which kind of business you are in: technology improves and so your company has to. Connect machines, improve processes and cut costs.
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