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Vitro develops and operates Zero-Trust IoT solutions in association with 5G, IP and other communications standards. IoT data are collected from real-world equipment, transferred and stored in encrypted form, and are delivered only to users and applications via Zero-Trust Authentication.

IoT Hardware Crypto Security

An ECC cryptographic chip installed on each Vitro device autonomously generates Authentication credentials the first time it is turned on. These credentials are used to secure the device and each packet of IoT data is transmitted as an IoT Block: data payload with a cryptographic hash, signature and Encryption.

IoT Blocks are decrypted by a Zero-Trust Oracle. Controlling IoT Block decryption through Zero- Trust access permits data to reach Multi-domain Operations through the integration IAM servers and policies. The Vitro Oracle serves the role of a single point of decryption access and preserves audit records of decryption by timestamps, by user and by application.

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