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Founded in 2003, YEEFUNG TECHNOLOGY provides a comprehensive range of parking solutions, from semi-automatic to fully automatic, including revolutionary robotic (AGV) parking.

- GETA Developed by Yeefung, GETA is the next generation AGV parking solution. Utilizing laser navigation technology, GETA AGV can achieve a desired positioning accuracy of ±5mm while maintaining its speed up to 1.5m/s. With an average retrieval time less than 120 seconds, GETA is one of the most effective automated parking solutions available. Advanced fleet management system is able to coordinate up to 1000 AGV operating simultaneously. GETA increases parking capacity while providing a safer, effective and pleasant parking experience. - Platform-Lift (PCY) Platform-Lift Parking System combines advantages of Shuttle-Lift, Stacker-Crane and Parking Tower. It is ideal for modern urban car parks. Platform-Lift parking allows horizontal and vertical movements simultaneously, hence significantly improves efficiency, average retrieval time reduced to 90s per vehicle. A typical parking level stores 6-14 vehicles, with a typical maximum height of 16 parking levels, average footprint is reduced to only 1.2m² per vehicle. - Sliding-Lift (PSH) Sliding-Lift is a simple and cost effective parking system. It utilises electric motor to drive chains or cables to lift and slide pallets. A 2-level system occupies 3 parking spaces to store 5 vehicles and the minimum clearance for this system is 3.6m only.

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