Zeidman Technologies (Out of Business)

Zeidman Technologies (Out of Business)
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Zeidman Technologies is a leading developer of hardware and software tools enabling developers to navigate the increasingly complex issues of building custom operating systems. Its signature SynthOS tool streamlines the process of creating optimized application-specific operating systems that businesses need to ensure that embedded systems run efficiently and effectively.

SynthOS is an innovative new tool for the rapid development of embedded systems. SynthOS automatically generates or "synthesizes" an RTOS that is optimized for your application. By leveraging patented algorithms and utilizing a higher level of software coding, SynthOS has the unique ability to create an optimized, customized RTOS with an extremely small footprint. SynthOS has a very small learning curve; it greatly reduces software development time and debug time by eliminating race conditions and other hazards at design time. SynthOS integrates with all standard C language tools, and the RTOS that SynthOS synthesizes is 100% standard ANSI C.

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